Lion and a Fox

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest. Lots of animals like cow, elephant, zebra, monkey, lion, tiger, and jackal were living there. Due to some reasons their king died suddenly, so they all were looking for a suitable candidate as their king.

After a lot of discussion, animals decided to crown Lion as their king.

They also discussed that proper training should be provided to the lion, so that he will be able to take care of the forest.

Now the next search was to find a suitable trainer for the lion.

There lived an old but intelligent fox in that forest. Animals asked the fox, if she can provide training to the lion. The fox agreed to provide the training.

From that day onwards, fox started giving training to the lion. She taught several skills to the lion. She taught running, swimming, crossing, hunting, attacking and defending etc.

With each passing day, lion learned lots of skills from the fox.

As compared to the fox, lion was young and energetic, so his moves and attacks were sharper than the fox.

On the final day of the training, lion thought that “other animals consider this fox very intelligent, and now for my capabilities, they will give credit to the fox. I am very strong; if I kill this fox then I will be the only intelligent animal in this whole forest”. Lion roared and went near the fox.

Fox knew that lion is going to hurt her, so she quickly climbed up to a tall tree.

Lion tried to climb the tree, but he was unable to do that.

Lion realised that fox has not taught climbing to him. He said very politely “oh my dear teacher, I was checking if you have taught everything, but I found that, you didn’t teach How to climb tees“.

Fox replied that “Lion, I knew, one day you will come to destroy me to become a super power, that’s why I didn’t teach you my last stake, else I would not survive”.

Lion tried to convince the fox with his innocent talks, but fox was clever enough to save her own life.

Later Lion became the king of the jungle, but he knew everything except climbing trees, he realised his mistake, but it was too late.



Harry and a Blue Whale

boy and a whale.JPG

Harry is a very naughty 10 years old boy. He is always after some mischievous deed.

Harry lives with his parent in a village near a sea. His daddy is a fisherman and his mumma takes care of home.

Every day Harry goes to a temple with his mother.  One day he took some deity idols and dropped them into the pool near the river, and started laughing.  Then he went to the temple’s kitchen and pours all the salt from the packet into the food.

That night when Harry slept, he had a strange dream. He saw that all the idols are very angry and saying that very soon Harry will become a monkey.

Harry got up in fear and noticed that a small tail is budding from his back. Harry got scared and started crying. He covered his tail inside his trousers.

Next morning, it was a rainy day; Harry’s father went to catch the fishes in the sea. Suddenly rain got heavier and a big storm hit the sea. His father along with his friends lost the route in the sea.

All the villagers were terrified. But no one has courage to go to the sea to search missing people.

Harry decided to search his father and missing people. His mother packed all the necessary things like food, fresh water in his backpack. Harry took a small boat to sail.

Harry had never seen this kind of storm. Heavy waves were hitting his small boat from all the sides. Harry got frightened, but he was determined to search his daddy. After lots of efforts and hard work, Harry reach to the middle of the sea, but he couldn’t see anyone.

Suddenly he saw a big wave was approaching towards him, when the wave came near, he found that it was a blue whale, but it was too late, the next moment Harry was inside the blue whale stomach.

Big wave was the water inside the blue whale mouth. Harry remembered; that his mother told him about the blue whale once; it’s the biggest animal on earth. But this was the first time when he saw her.

Blue whale swallowed Harry, his boat and thousands of small fishes. Inside the blue whale stomach, it was a different world. He saw lots of small sea animals were swimming there. He also found some broken parts of ships.

Harry Harry … looks here. Harry heard his name; he saw his daddy and friends. They were calling his name from a corner.

Harry swam towards his daddy, they both hugged each other. His daddy pulled Harry inside a corner.

His father said; blue whale swallowed all of us. We are not able to get out of this stomach. Whenever this whale opens her mouth; she swallows lots of water.

This stomach is so big and full of water, but this corner has less water, so we all are standing here holding each other hand.

Harry thought for a moment, and then he pulled out his tail from his trouser. By this time Harry got a very long bushy tail.

He told his father, how he got a tail on his back. He also said that now using this tail he will find a way out for everyone.

Harry asked everyone to be in a group and get ready with their boat. Then Harry sat on his boat and started tickling the whale with his tail. Initially whale started moving violently because of the tickle, but Harry keep on tickling in different part of whale’s stomach.

After lots of tickle, whale jumped high in to the sea for a sneeze. Whale’s sneeze was big enough to throw all the people from her stomach.

Harry with his daddy and friends sailed their boat very fast. They sailed till they reach the sea-shore.

Harry’s mother with other villagers was waiting at the shore. When they saw everyone safe, they run towards them.

Harry father told everyone how his little brave monkey helped them to escape a giant fish.

Villagers held Harry on their shoulder and started cheering.

That night when Harry slept, again he had a dream. But this time he saw that idols are very happy and saying “because of your bravery and helpful act, your tail will be removed from your body. “

When Harry got up next morning he found that his tail was gone.

He thanked god and promised to be a better person.


King and his foolish monkey

King and his foolish monkey.JPG


Once upon a time, there was a king. One day he found a monkey in a forest while hunting. He was very talkative but foolish.

Soon he impressed the king with his talks. King brought the monkey to his palace. He found monkey as a good entertainer.

Monkey was very happy in the palace. Monkey asked for some work, so that he can return king’s favour.

King appointed the monkey as his personal security guard.

One night, when monkey was on his duty, he notices that a bee was buzzing in the room.

He took out his sword to kill the bee.

He saw, that Bee was sitting on a chair. He attacked the bee with his sword, but he missed.

Bee was flying in the room, and was escaping all the attacks of monkey.

Finally bee sat on king’s nose. Unaware about the consequences, monkey attacked on the bee.

This time again bee flew away, but monkey broke the king’s nose.


King was in pain, but he realised that a wise man is better than a foolish entertainer.


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Activity :

Que1. what is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. A wise man is better than a foolish man .

Que2. Why did monkey broke the king’s nose.

Ans2. Monkey wanted to kill the bee.when bee sat on king’s nose , Monkey attacked on her. He was not aware that it will break the king’s nose.

Qu3. where did king find the monkey ?

Ans3. King found the monkey in a forest.


Thief and his mother


Once upon a time, a young man was caught in a disgusting act of theft and had been sentenced to jail for a very long time.

He asked the court if he can see and talk to her mother, before he is sent to jail. The court agreed for his request.

When his mother came to him, he said I want to whisper something to you.

And when his mother brought her ear near him, young man bit it with anger.

All the people in court were horrified. Judge asked the young man, “What could be reason of your inhuman act towards your mother?”

Young man said “It’s her punishment.” As a young child, I began stealing little things, and brought them home to show my Mother.

Instead of scolding and punishing me, she laughed and said, “It’s a small thing, it will not be noticed.”

Because of my mother, I am here today. She should stop me at that time.

So she is equally responsible for this crime.

Young man’s mother was in tear, she realised; how small mistakes take a bigger shape, later in life.

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Building a good character


When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, everything is lost…   By – Billy Graham

As a parent, if we keep these lines in our mind then we are definitely contributing something to our society.  We have the responsibility to give good citizens to our nation.

Nowadays all newspapers are full of crimes and inexcusable human act.

I believe; people who are committing such crimes are mentally ill. And to some extents their parents are equally responsible for raising such kind of mentally ill people.

How can we raise our kids to a better human being?

Do you think, teaching them ABC will help? No; I don’t agree, even if you don’t teach, they will learn it at later stage.

Main thing which they should learn is values.

Building a character is tough, and keeping a good character at all time is toughest.

Values are required to maintain a good character. And values cannot be taught, but it is caught from the actions. Kids follow their elders. So it’s our responsibility to set the correct examples for them.

I remember a short story about character, which my mother narrated to me during my childhood days. I would like to share that story with you all in my next post.


Two Trees

two trees.png

Once upon a time in a forest, two trees were talking to each other.

One tree said “Every day lots of animals come and rest under our shade. These animals make this place very dirty.” Another tree said “birds leave half eaten fruits on our branches “. Let’s teach them a lesson, they both discussed.

Next day when animals came to rest under the trees, the trees swayed violently. Animals got scared, and they all ran away. Birds also flew away in terror.

Now the place under those trees was clean and empty. Both the trees were very happy. Every day trees did use this trick to keep their place neat and clean.

One day some wood-cutters came and said, this place used to be full of animals once, but now there is none. Animals and birds don’t like this place anymore .So we can cut these trees and can use the woods to make furniture.

The trees were listening to wood-cutters talk, they were regretting for their behaviour. They had learnt the meaning of sharing.

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Que1. who was making the place dirty around the trees ?

Ans1. Animals and Birds.

Que2. What is the moral of this story?

Ans2. We should share our things and resources with others. We should be useful for others.

Que3. Fill in the blank .

Wood-cutters wanted to cut the trees to make ……..

a. Furniture      b. TV    c. Food

Ans3. Furniture.


The Blue Jackal


Once there lived a jackal in a forest. One day he was very hungry, he didn’t find food to eat. So he went to a nearby village in search of food.

When the dogs in the Village saw him, they started barking and chasing him. The frightened jackal entered a washer-man house to save himself from dogs. Inside the house, there was a big tub filled with blue ink. 

Accidentally, Jackal slipped into that tub. When he came out from that tub, his body color tuned to blue. Frightened jackal was unaware about this change. He slowly came out from washer-man’s house and started to run.

He noticed that all the dogs were running away in terror. When the other animals in the jungle saw him, they also run away in terror.

Jackal was very thirsty, he went to a river to drink some water. There he saw his reflection in the water, then he found out the reason; why all animals are scared of him.

He made a plan to fool other animals with his color.

He called all the animals in the forest and said “Hey animals, I am your new king, God has sent me to rule on you. From now onward, you will obey my orders.”

All the animals including lion and tiger agreed to Blue jackal, assuming him as a powerful animal and said “oh you powerful, different looking animal, we will follow your order, now you are our king “.

Blue Jackal was very happy with his color.

One day, blue jackal heard a pack of other jackal howling at a distance. Because of his nature, he also started howling. When the other animals heard his voice, they recognized that the blue animal is actually a normal jackal.

All the animals got very furious and started beating the blue jackal. Blue jackal realized that “we should not pretend to be what we are not

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Que1. Why did Jackal went to the village ?

Ans1. Jackal went to the village in search of food.

Que2. How did Jackal get blue color on his body?

Ans2. jackal slipped in to a blue color ink tub at washerman’s house.

Que3. What is the moral of this story ?

Ans3. We should not pretend to be what we are not.