Lord Krishna and Govardhan Hill


This is story about Lord Krishna and the Govardhan Hill.

Every year people of Braj used to worship Lord Indra, for the Good rain and the vegetation. So this year also all people were busy in the arrangements for worship.

Krishna questioned his father Nanda, why they are doing so? His father explained that this is done every year to please Lord Indra so that he continued to grace the people of Braj by providing timely rain.

Little Krishna was not convinced with this answer; he said that we should worship Govardhan Hill and not Indra. He explained that Govardhan Hill helps to gather the clouds for the rain. It gives us lots of vegetation and medicinal herbs. It gives grass to our cattle, and cleans our air.

Nanda and all the villagers agreed to Krishna and started worshipping Govardhan Hill.

When Lord Indra found that the villagers are worshipping Govardhan Hill instead of him, he got very furious, and decided to punish them.

He sends terrible rainstorm to flood the Braj village.

The people and the cattle got frightened. Lord Krishna asked them not to worry and took them to the Govardhan Hill. He then lifted the hill on his little finger and gave shelter to all the people and cattle.

Storm continued for many days, but all the people were safe under the huge umbrella like Govardhan Hill.  Lord Indra was shocked to see how a young boy can lift a mountain. He called back all the devastating clouds.

He went to Krishna with folded hand and asked for forgiveness. His false pride was shattered. Lord Krishna forgave him.

Now the storm was stopped and the sky was clear, all the villagers were happy to have Krishna.



The cap seller and monkeys


Once upon a time, there was a cap seller, he used to make caps and sell in the nearby market.

One day he planned to sell his caps in another city. So he packed all his caps in a box and started for the market.

On his way to the market, he became very tired so he decided to take some rest under a big banyan tree. Soon he slept off.

When the cap seller woke up, he found his cap box empty. He was shocked to see his box empty. It took me months to make them, I must find them.

So he started to look here and there in search of his caps. To his surprise, he saw there were lots of monkey in that banyan tree and they all were wearing his caps.

In his anger, cap seller took some stones from the ground and threw it on the monkey, in return monkeys also started to throw stones on the cap seller.

Cap seller found that monkeys were imitating his actions. He thought for a while and threw his own cap from his head to the ground.

When monkeys saw this action of cap seller, they also started to throw caps from their head to the ground.

The cap seller immediately gathered all his caps and packed them in the box and went away happily.


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  Activity :

Que1. What is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. Wisdom is powerful than strength.

Que2. Who was imitating cap seller actions ?

Ans2. Monkeys.


Lion and a mouse

It was hot sunny afternoon. A lion was sleeping under the shade of a big tree outside his den.

A tiny mouse was also playing near that tree. In his play he didn’t notice that he was actually running over lion’s body, He was jumping on his stomach, and sliding on this nose.

The lion woke up angrily and hold that mouse from his paws. He shouted “you little creature, How dare you to jump on me? You don’t know what can I do to you?”

Little mouse folded his hand and pleaded for his life. “Oh your majesty, please forgive me, I promise to be of use to you one day “the mouse cried.

Lion laughed “you tiny creature, what are you saying? How can you be useful to me? Haven’t you notice the difference between you and me? I can crush you right now.”

But this time I am leaving you, but don’t dare to disturb me again. The mouse quickly ran away.

After some days, Lion was caught in a net spread by a hunter. It roared and tried to escape but in vain.

The mouse heard the lion’s roar and quickly rushed to help. He starts gnawing at the ropes with his sharp teeth. Very soon the tiny mouse had set the lion free.

Lion thanked the mouse and they both become friends.

from : Panchtantra

 Activity :

Que1. Who was sleeping under the tree ?

Ans1. Lion.

Que2. Who was jumping on the lion ?

Ans2. Mouse.

Que3. Who set the lion free from the hunter’s net ?

Ans3. Mouse.

Qu4. What we learn from this story ?

Ans4. Never under-estimate anyone. Even a tiny mouse can be useful for a lion sometimes.


Monkey and a Crocodile

This is a story about a monkey and his friend crocodile. Monkey was living in a jamun tree near a lake , and the crocodile was living in that lake with his wife . Both monkey and crocodile were good friends . Monkey used to give jamun from the tree to his friend crocodile . One day crocodile collected some jamun from his friend monkey for his wife. Crocodile wife has never tasted such a delicious fruit before, she asked his husband from where did you get such a tasty fruit. Crocodile told him about the tree and his friend monkey. Crocodile wife was very greedy, she thought if that monkey is eating these fruits everyday then his heart must be very tasty like jamun fruit. She made a plan to eat that monkey . She told her husband crocodile that she wanted to eat that monkey heart else she will get sick . Initially her husband crocodile refused but later he got ready to bring monkey for her.

Next day crocodile went to the monkey and invited him to his house for a party. Monkey agreed and sat on crocodile back . When crocodile reached in the middle of the river , he told monkey that his wife is very sick and she wanted to eat your heart. Monkey got shocked to hear this , but in the middle of the river he cannot escape. Monkey thought and told to his friend crocodile that I keep my heart outside my body and it is hanging on the jamun tree . If He would have told this before then he could get his heart from the tree. The crocodile was very foolish to believe this and swim back towards the tree to get the monkey heart.

Monkey quickly jumped from the back of crocodile upon reaching near the tree and went to the highest branch . Monkey said , you foolish crocodile !! you have cheated me . I will never give you fruits from this tree and asked him to go away . Crocodile lost a good friend because of this foolishness .

from : Panchtantra

Activity :

Que1. What is the name of tree where monkey lived ?

Ans1. Jamun Tree

Que2. Who wanted to eat monkey heart ?

Ans2. Crocodile wife.