King and his foolish monkey

King and his foolish monkey.JPG


Once upon a time, there was a king. One day he found a monkey in a forest while hunting. He was very talkative but foolish.

Soon he impressed the king with his talks. King brought the monkey to his palace. He found monkey as a good entertainer.

Monkey was very happy in the palace. Monkey asked for some work, so that he can return king’s favour.

King appointed the monkey as his personal security guard.

One night, when monkey was on his duty, he notices that a bee was buzzing in the room.

He took out his sword to kill the bee.

He saw, that Bee was sitting on a chair. He attacked the bee with his sword, but he missed.

Bee was flying in the room, and was escaping all the attacks of monkey.

Finally bee sat on king’s nose. Unaware about the consequences, monkey attacked on the bee.

This time again bee flew away, but monkey broke the king’s nose.


King was in pain, but he realised that a wise man is better than a foolish entertainer.


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Activity :

Que1. what is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. A wise man is better than a foolish man .

Que2. Why did monkey broke the king’s nose.

Ans2. Monkey wanted to kill the bee.when bee sat on king’s nose , Monkey attacked on her. He was not aware that it will break the king’s nose.

Qu3. where did king find the monkey ?

Ans3. King found the monkey in a forest.