Harry and a Blue Whale

boy and a whale.JPG

Harry is a very naughty 10 years old boy. He is always after some mischievous deed.

Harry lives with his parent in a village near a sea. His daddy is a fisherman and his mumma takes care of home.

Every day Harry goes to a temple with his mother.  One day he took some deity idols and dropped them into the pool near the river, and started laughing.  Then he went to the temple’s kitchen and pours all the salt from the packet into the food.

That night when Harry slept, he had a strange dream. He saw that all the idols are very angry and saying that very soon Harry will become a monkey.

Harry got up in fear and noticed that a small tail is budding from his back. Harry got scared and started crying. He covered his tail inside his trousers.

Next morning, it was a rainy day; Harry’s father went to catch the fishes in the sea. Suddenly rain got heavier and a big storm hit the sea. His father along with his friends lost the route in the sea.

All the villagers were terrified. But no one has courage to go to the sea to search missing people.

Harry decided to search his father and missing people. His mother packed all the necessary things like food, fresh water in his backpack. Harry took a small boat to sail.

Harry had never seen this kind of storm. Heavy waves were hitting his small boat from all the sides. Harry got frightened, but he was determined to search his daddy. After lots of efforts and hard work, Harry reach to the middle of the sea, but he couldn’t see anyone.

Suddenly he saw a big wave was approaching towards him, when the wave came near, he found that it was a blue whale, but it was too late, the next moment Harry was inside the blue whale stomach.

Big wave was the water inside the blue whale mouth. Harry remembered; that his mother told him about the blue whale once; it’s the biggest animal on earth. But this was the first time when he saw her.

Blue whale swallowed Harry, his boat and thousands of small fishes. Inside the blue whale stomach, it was a different world. He saw lots of small sea animals were swimming there. He also found some broken parts of ships.

Harry Harry … looks here. Harry heard his name; he saw his daddy and friends. They were calling his name from a corner.

Harry swam towards his daddy, they both hugged each other. His daddy pulled Harry inside a corner.

His father said; blue whale swallowed all of us. We are not able to get out of this stomach. Whenever this whale opens her mouth; she swallows lots of water.

This stomach is so big and full of water, but this corner has less water, so we all are standing here holding each other hand.

Harry thought for a moment, and then he pulled out his tail from his trouser. By this time Harry got a very long bushy tail.

He told his father, how he got a tail on his back. He also said that now using this tail he will find a way out for everyone.

Harry asked everyone to be in a group and get ready with their boat. Then Harry sat on his boat and started tickling the whale with his tail. Initially whale started moving violently because of the tickle, but Harry keep on tickling in different part of whale’s stomach.

After lots of tickle, whale jumped high in to the sea for a sneeze. Whale’s sneeze was big enough to throw all the people from her stomach.

Harry with his daddy and friends sailed their boat very fast. They sailed till they reach the sea-shore.

Harry’s mother with other villagers was waiting at the shore. When they saw everyone safe, they run towards them.

Harry father told everyone how his little brave monkey helped them to escape a giant fish.

Villagers held Harry on their shoulder and started cheering.

That night when Harry slept, again he had a dream. But this time he saw that idols are very happy and saying “because of your bravery and helpful act, your tail will be removed from your body. “

When Harry got up next morning he found that his tail was gone.

He thanked god and promised to be a better person.