Bhasmasur and his talent


This is a story about a demon named Bhasmasur. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

He wanted to please Lord Shiva to get a boon, so he performed very tough austerities for many years.

Lord Shiva got pleased with Bhasmasur’s austerities, and asked him for a boon”.

He asked for immortality. But Lord Shiva said “It is impossible to give such a boon, so he asked Bhasmasur to get another boon.

At that time Bhasmasur asked “If I put my right hand on anyone’s head then he or she should immediately burnt to ashes”.

Lord Shiva said Ok, and he granted the boon.

Bhasmasur was very happy; he wanted to test if his boon really works.

Bhasmasur ran towards Lord Shiva to put his right hand on Shiva’s head. He got mad with his newly found powers.

Lord Shiva got shocked to see Bhasmasur, but now he was unable to take his boon back. He ran towards Vaikuntha (Lord Vishnu Home) to get help from Lord Vishnu.

When Lord Vishnu saw Lord Shiva in a trouble, he came forward to help and turned to a beautiful lady ‘Mohini’ with his powers. He stood on Vaikuntha door and waited for Bhasmasur.

When Bhasmasur reached Vaikuntha in search of Lord Shiva, he found Mohini at the door, he got hypnotised by her beauty.

Bhasmasur was awestruck with Mohini’s beauty; he forgot Lord Shiva and he asked Mohini to Marry Him.

Mohini said “ok, but there is one condition”, if you dance just like me then I will marry you“. Bhasmasur agreed to the condition.

Mohini started to dance, she moved beautifully with different poses. As she was dancing, she put her right hand on her head.

As Bhasmasur was copying her steps, he also put his right hand on his head without thinking.

But because of his boon, he immediately burnt to ashes.

Lord Shiva was very happy to see the Bhasmasur’s end. He praised Lord Vishnu for his acumen.

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Que1 What is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. We should never misuse our talent.

Que2. Lord Vishnu turned to a beautiful lady, what was her name ?

Ans2. Mohini

Please select the correct option :

Que3. Bhasmasur put his right hand on ……. head and burnt to ashes

a.Lord Shiva   b. Lord Vishnu  c. His own

Ans3. (C) His Own