Four Friends and a Lion

four friends and a lion.png

Once upon a time, there were four friends. They were studying in a Gurukul (college).

Out of four, one of their friends didn’t score well in his exams. Sometimes the three intelligent friends made fun of the fourth friend for his fewer score.

After completing their college, the three intelligent friends thought to show their knowledge to the outside world. So they packed their things and set out. They included the fourth friend, on his request.

The three friends were discussing their skills while crossing the forest.

The first friend saw some bones under a tree, he told his friends that he can turn these broken bones into a skeleton and then he chanted and convert those bones to a skeleton. The bones belonged to a lion.

When the second friend saw the skeleton, he told the other friends that I can fill the flesh and blood in this skeleton, and then he chanted and filled that lion skeleton with flesh and blood.

This time the third friend thought to show off his knowledge. He said I can give life to this lion body.

The fourth friend, who was observing this from a distance, got shocked to hear their conversation. He interrupted the other three friends and said it’s not a good idea to give life to a wild creature. If he will get alive then he won’t spare any of us.

The three intelligent friends mocked at the fourth and they said “You are jealous of us, because you don’t know anything “. We are the creator of this lion. So how can he harm us?

The fourth friend pleaded the three friends to not use their knowledge in giving life to a lion, but the three friends did not listen, instead they asked the fourth friend to leave.

The fourth friend quickly climbed to a very tall tree, and then the third friend recited chant. Next moment a giant lion was in front of them.

The lion was very hungry and he roared and attacked on three friends.

The lion killed all the three friends, but the fourth friend was alive because of his common sense.

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Activity :

Que1. what is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. Common sense is important than knowledge.

Please fill the blank .

Que2. Three friends made …… from the broken bones.

a. Lion  b. man   c. Goat   d. Nothing

Ans2. (a) lion .

Que2. Out of four friends , who had common sense / or who was really intelligent ?

Ans2. Fourth Friend.




Hare and a Tortoise

hare and a tortoise.jpg

Once upon a time, a hare was roaming near a lake in a forest. He saw a Tortoise walking slowly with a shell on his back. Hare laughed at tortoise and said “Oh you slow creature, you are very dull and you take so long to cover a small distance”. I can run to the other side of the lake in a very short time. The hare was very proud of himself.

Tortoise felt bad and he asked the hare for a race competition. The hare agreed and on a selected day, they both gathered for the race. Other animals also gathered to watch the race. Monkey was the referee. He explained to both of them that before the sunset they have to reach to the other side of the forest.

Race started with the bang of noise.

In a few minutes, hare was out of sight. He ran so fast and reaches to the half way. “What a funny race it is”, he thought to himself.

It was a cold day, the hare thought to take some rest under a warm sunlight.

The tortoise was moving slowly but steadily. He kept of walking without any rest.

When the hare woke up, it was very late, he looked around but he didn’t see the tortoise. He thought that the Tortoise is far behind him.

He ran fast and reached the finishing line.

But when he reached, he was very surprised. All the animals were cheering and congratulating the tortoise who had finished the race much before the hare.

The hare was very ashamed. He went to congratulate the tortoise. The tortoise told him that “Slow but steady wins the race “.


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Donkey and a Dog

donkey and a dog.JPG

Once there lived a washer man in a village. He had one donkey and a dog as a pet.

Washer man had divided the duties between donkey and dog.

Donkey was there to carry clothes and other items from one place to another, while dog’s duty was to guard the house from thieves.

Every day when washer man comes back from his work, he used to play with his dog. He throws a ball towards the dog and then they both play with each other.

Donkey felt very jealous seeing both of them enjoying. He thought that his master loves dog more than him.

One day donkey noticed that; when washer man comes back home; dog goes to him, and starts waging his tail, then he barks and run around him.

Donkey understands that, dog plays with his master, so master also plays with the dog.

Next day, when washer man comes back from his work, donkey started braying and running around the man and then he jumped with his front legs on his master.

Washer man and dog were shocked to see the donkey’s act. Washer man also got hurt from the donkey’s leg.

Washer man thought that his donkey got mad, so he starts beating donkey with a stick. Donkey hurriedly runs out the house in pain.

Dog went to the donkey and then he asked him for his strange behaviour. Donkey explained about his feelings to the dog.

Dog said “we both have different personalities and different duties. Never try to copy others. ” Donkey understand his mistake, but it was too late.

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Lion and a Man

lion in a cage.png

One day, a cruel lion got caught in a hunter’s trap. Hunter pulled the lion into the cage and went for some work. Lion tried hard to escape but he couldn’t get out from the cage.

At that time, lion saw one man passing by. Lion asked the man for help, but the man refused. Man said I can’t trust you Lion; you can eat me, if I release you from the cage.

Lion started crying and said, “You can trust me, I promise that I will not eat you; I will be very loyal to you.”

At last Lion convinced the man, and then man opened the cage door for lion.

Lion roared loudly and turned towards the man to eat.

Man reminds lion about the promise. But lion forgot his promise, he told man that “he is very hungry and he eats animals, so he will eat the man now. “

Man told Lion that before you eat me, let’s take advice from a judge.

At that time, a jackal was passing by, Man asked the jackal to be their judge, and then he narrated the whole incident to the jackal.

Jackal listened to both very carefully, then he said,” I don’t actually understand the situation “, can you repeat the whole act in front of me”.

Like this, I was inside the cage, “Lion told jackal, and he went inside the cage “. Man quickly locked the cage door from outside.

Now lion was again inside the cage.

Man thanked the jackal for his help. Jackal warned the man “to always think before his actions”.

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King and his foolish monkey

King and his foolish monkey.JPG


Once upon a time, there was a king. One day he found a monkey in a forest while hunting. He was very talkative but foolish.

Soon he impressed the king with his talks. King brought the monkey to his palace. He found monkey as a good entertainer.

Monkey was very happy in the palace. Monkey asked for some work, so that he can return king’s favour.

King appointed the monkey as his personal security guard.

One night, when monkey was on his duty, he notices that a bee was buzzing in the room.

He took out his sword to kill the bee.

He saw, that Bee was sitting on a chair. He attacked the bee with his sword, but he missed.

Bee was flying in the room, and was escaping all the attacks of monkey.

Finally bee sat on king’s nose. Unaware about the consequences, monkey attacked on the bee.

This time again bee flew away, but monkey broke the king’s nose.


King was in pain, but he realised that a wise man is better than a foolish entertainer.


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Activity :

Que1. what is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. A wise man is better than a foolish man .

Que2. Why did monkey broke the king’s nose.

Ans2. Monkey wanted to kill the bee.when bee sat on king’s nose , Monkey attacked on her. He was not aware that it will break the king’s nose.

Qu3. where did king find the monkey ?

Ans3. King found the monkey in a forest.


Two Trees

two trees.png

Once upon a time in a forest, two trees were talking to each other.

One tree said “Every day lots of animals come and rest under our shade. These animals make this place very dirty.” Another tree said “birds leave half eaten fruits on our branches “. Let’s teach them a lesson, they both discussed.

Next day when animals came to rest under the trees, the trees swayed violently. Animals got scared, and they all ran away. Birds also flew away in terror.

Now the place under those trees was clean and empty. Both the trees were very happy. Every day trees did use this trick to keep their place neat and clean.

One day some wood-cutters came and said, this place used to be full of animals once, but now there is none. Animals and birds don’t like this place anymore .So we can cut these trees and can use the woods to make furniture.

The trees were listening to wood-cutters talk, they were regretting for their behaviour. They had learnt the meaning of sharing.

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Que1. who was making the place dirty around the trees ?

Ans1. Animals and Birds.

Que2. What is the moral of this story?

Ans2. We should share our things and resources with others. We should be useful for others.

Que3. Fill in the blank .

Wood-cutters wanted to cut the trees to make ……..

a. Furniture      b. TV    c. Food

Ans3. Furniture.


The Blue Jackal


Once there lived a jackal in a forest. One day he was very hungry, he didn’t find food to eat. So he went to a nearby village in search of food.

When the dogs in the Village saw him, they started barking and chasing him. The frightened jackal entered a washer-man house to save himself from dogs. Inside the house, there was a big tub filled with blue ink. 

Accidentally, Jackal slipped into that tub. When he came out from that tub, his body color tuned to blue. Frightened jackal was unaware about this change. He slowly came out from washer-man’s house and started to run.

He noticed that all the dogs were running away in terror. When the other animals in the jungle saw him, they also run away in terror.

Jackal was very thirsty, he went to a river to drink some water. There he saw his reflection in the water, then he found out the reason; why all animals are scared of him.

He made a plan to fool other animals with his color.

He called all the animals in the forest and said “Hey animals, I am your new king, God has sent me to rule on you. From now onward, you will obey my orders.”

All the animals including lion and tiger agreed to Blue jackal, assuming him as a powerful animal and said “oh you powerful, different looking animal, we will follow your order, now you are our king “.

Blue Jackal was very happy with his color.

One day, blue jackal heard a pack of other jackal howling at a distance. Because of his nature, he also started howling. When the other animals heard his voice, they recognized that the blue animal is actually a normal jackal.

All the animals got very furious and started beating the blue jackal. Blue jackal realized that “we should not pretend to be what we are not

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Que1. Why did Jackal went to the village ?

Ans1. Jackal went to the village in search of food.

Que2. How did Jackal get blue color on his body?

Ans2. jackal slipped in to a blue color ink tub at washerman’s house.

Que3. What is the moral of this story ?

Ans3. We should not pretend to be what we are not.