Kanha- My Friend


Once upon a time, a poor boy named Hari was living in a village with his mother. Hari and his mother were poor, but they always helped those who were in need.

Hari was very good in his studies. But there was no any school in his village. So every day Hari had to cross a dense forest to reach another village’s school. Lots of wild animals like lion, tiger, bear, and fox were living in that forest.

Hari was scared to cross the forest, but he wanted to study, so every day he was going through the forest.

One day, Hari told his mother, that he is very scared to cross the forest, his mother told him, that “God lives in the forest, if you call him with true heart then he will come to help you”.

Next day when Hari reach the forest, he closed his eyes and called “Kanha, O’ Kanha; where are you? I am very scared in this dense forest, please come and help me”.

At that moment, a small boy came running towards Hari. The Boy told Hari that “His name is Kanha, and he has come to help him.”

Now every day, Kanha come to help Hari to cross the forest.

One day “Hari’s teacher asked all the kids, to bring something (like sweets, snacks, food, gifts etc.) from their home to celebrate the annual day of the school.

Hari knew that his mother work hard to arrange food and school fee. They don’t have money to buy snacks, sweets or gifts.

Next day, Hari got ready for his school, but he was sad.

When he met kanha on his way; he told kanha that “his teacher asked to bring something to celebrate the annual day, but as he is very poor, he doesn’t have anything “.

Kanha said; I have lots of cows, I can give you a glass of milk, and then he gave a glass of milk to Hari.

Hari was very happy to get a glass of milk. He rushed to the school. When he reached, he saw there were lots of delicious sweets, snacks and gifts. His teacher was very busy in organising all the things.

When Hari’s friends saw his small glass of milk, they laughed on him. Hari offered the milk to his teacher, but he ignored him.

Later his teacher took the glass angrily and poured it to another bowl. The bowl got full with the milk, and the Hari’s glass was also full.

Teacher took another empty container and poured the milk from the glass. This time also the container got filled with milk, but still Hari’s glass was full.

Hari’s teacher keeps on transferring milk to different containers, but every time Hari’s glass was full of milk.

Now all the containers in the school were full of milk. All the teachers and students were surprised to see that.

Teacher asked Hari,” From where did you get this glass of Milk”?

Hari narrated the whole incident. His teacher was shocked to hear Hari’s story, he asked Hari if they can meet his friend.

Hari said that whenever he calls his friend, he comes immediately. Hari closed his eyes and then he called “Kanha! Kanha!

Kanha came immediately. But nobody was able to see him except Hari. His teachers and friends could only hear his voice.

Kanha told everyone, that he helped Hari, because he is a good and honest boy. And god always helps those, who help others.

Hari’s teacher and friends apologies and they promised to become a good human being.

Hari was very happy to have kanha as a friend and he promised that he will share the glass of milk with other needy people.


Four Friends and a Lion

four friends and a lion.png

Once upon a time, there were four friends. They were studying in a Gurukul (college).

Out of four, one of their friends didn’t score well in his exams. Sometimes the three intelligent friends made fun of the fourth friend for his fewer score.

After completing their college, the three intelligent friends thought to show their knowledge to the outside world. So they packed their things and set out. They included the fourth friend, on his request.

The three friends were discussing their skills while crossing the forest.

The first friend saw some bones under a tree, he told his friends that he can turn these broken bones into a skeleton and then he chanted and convert those bones to a skeleton. The bones belonged to a lion.

When the second friend saw the skeleton, he told the other friends that I can fill the flesh and blood in this skeleton, and then he chanted and filled that lion skeleton with flesh and blood.

This time the third friend thought to show off his knowledge. He said I can give life to this lion body.

The fourth friend, who was observing this from a distance, got shocked to hear their conversation. He interrupted the other three friends and said it’s not a good idea to give life to a wild creature. If he will get alive then he won’t spare any of us.

The three intelligent friends mocked at the fourth and they said “You are jealous of us, because you don’t know anything “. We are the creator of this lion. So how can he harm us?

The fourth friend pleaded the three friends to not use their knowledge in giving life to a lion, but the three friends did not listen, instead they asked the fourth friend to leave.

The fourth friend quickly climbed to a very tall tree, and then the third friend recited chant. Next moment a giant lion was in front of them.

The lion was very hungry and he roared and attacked on three friends.

The lion killed all the three friends, but the fourth friend was alive because of his common sense.

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Activity :

Que1. what is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. Common sense is important than knowledge.

Please fill the blank .

Que2. Three friends made …… from the broken bones.

a. Lion  b. man   c. Goat   d. Nothing

Ans2. (a) lion .

Que2. Out of four friends , who had common sense / or who was really intelligent ?

Ans2. Fourth Friend.




The Bear & Two Friends

Once upon a time, there were two friends Tom and Ron, they were living in a village. One day they decided to visit a nearby city so they were passing through the forest. The Forest was very dark and there were lots of wild animals.

Tom & Rom promised to help each other in case any danger.

Suddenly they saw a big bear was approaching them, they both got frightened. At that time, Ron climbed on a tall tree and hide there.

Tom didn’t know climbing, but he knew that bear never eat dead bodies. So he lay down on the ground breathless and pretends like a dead man.

When then bear came, he smelled him and thought it’s a dead body. He whispered something on his ear and went back.

Ron came down and asked Tom, what that bear whispered in your ear?

Tom replied “Never trust a friend ,who leaves you in time of danger “and he went on this way.


Activity :

Que1. Where Tom & Ron were going ?

Ans1. They were going to visit a nearby city.

Que2. Out of two friends , who doesn’t know climbing ?

Ans2. Tom doesn’t know climbing.

Que3. What did bear whispered in Tom’s ear ?

Ans3. Never trust a false friend.


Lion and a mouse

It was hot sunny afternoon. A lion was sleeping under the shade of a big tree outside his den.

A tiny mouse was also playing near that tree. In his play he didn’t notice that he was actually running over lion’s body, He was jumping on his stomach, and sliding on this nose.

The lion woke up angrily and hold that mouse from his paws. He shouted “you little creature, How dare you to jump on me? You don’t know what can I do to you?”

Little mouse folded his hand and pleaded for his life. “Oh your majesty, please forgive me, I promise to be of use to you one day “the mouse cried.

Lion laughed “you tiny creature, what are you saying? How can you be useful to me? Haven’t you notice the difference between you and me? I can crush you right now.”

But this time I am leaving you, but don’t dare to disturb me again. The mouse quickly ran away.

After some days, Lion was caught in a net spread by a hunter. It roared and tried to escape but in vain.

The mouse heard the lion’s roar and quickly rushed to help. He starts gnawing at the ropes with his sharp teeth. Very soon the tiny mouse had set the lion free.

Lion thanked the mouse and they both become friends.

from : Panchtantra

 Activity :

Que1. Who was sleeping under the tree ?

Ans1. Lion.

Que2. Who was jumping on the lion ?

Ans2. Mouse.

Que3. Who set the lion free from the hunter’s net ?

Ans3. Mouse.

Qu4. What we learn from this story ?

Ans4. Never under-estimate anyone. Even a tiny mouse can be useful for a lion sometimes.


Monkey and a Crocodile

This is a story about a monkey and his friend crocodile. Monkey was living in a jamun tree near a lake , and the crocodile was living in that lake with his wife . Both monkey and crocodile were good friends . Monkey used to give jamun from the tree to his friend crocodile . One day crocodile collected some jamun from his friend monkey for his wife. Crocodile wife has never tasted such a delicious fruit before, she asked his husband from where did you get such a tasty fruit. Crocodile told him about the tree and his friend monkey. Crocodile wife was very greedy, she thought if that monkey is eating these fruits everyday then his heart must be very tasty like jamun fruit. She made a plan to eat that monkey . She told her husband crocodile that she wanted to eat that monkey heart else she will get sick . Initially her husband crocodile refused but later he got ready to bring monkey for her.

Next day crocodile went to the monkey and invited him to his house for a party. Monkey agreed and sat on crocodile back . When crocodile reached in the middle of the river , he told monkey that his wife is very sick and she wanted to eat your heart. Monkey got shocked to hear this , but in the middle of the river he cannot escape. Monkey thought and told to his friend crocodile that I keep my heart outside my body and it is hanging on the jamun tree . If He would have told this before then he could get his heart from the tree. The crocodile was very foolish to believe this and swim back towards the tree to get the monkey heart.

Monkey quickly jumped from the back of crocodile upon reaching near the tree and went to the highest branch . Monkey said , you foolish crocodile !! you have cheated me . I will never give you fruits from this tree and asked him to go away . Crocodile lost a good friend because of this foolishness .

from : Panchtantra

Activity :

Que1. What is the name of tree where monkey lived ?

Ans1. Jamun Tree

Que2. Who wanted to eat monkey heart ?

Ans2. Crocodile wife.