Collection of Short and sweet stories for Kids .

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My 3 yr old daughter ask me every day to narrate a story .  I usually narrate story about Krishna , Hanuman , Buddha , etc. .

Every day she wants to listen 2 to 3 stories , but because of my short-term memories (which is the side effect of not reading enough about these people or my busy schedule ) , I end up with the same story or I create a story on the spot

Narrating a good story to your child is very important . whenever I want to teach something to my child , I convert that thing to a story . And to my surprise she happily listen all her mumma made stories .

But sometimes I really find it difficult when I want to tell her something with a story but doesn’t know any .

So Here I have a plan to share one story each day with you moms so that you don’t have to face this problem of not having an apt story for your child .

You can also share stories for kids ( either in Hindi or English) , with the details of writer / blog/article, or if it is a mumma made story .

So the next time when your kids ask you to narrate a story about lion , camel , aero plane , plant , Spiderman ,blue color, pink color , etc. etc. , then  you will have a quick link to check a story for your lil one


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