Unity is Strength

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Once upon a time, a farmer had 4 sons. His sons were good, but they quarrel with each other a lot.

Farmer was unhappy with this behaviour of his sons.

One day, farmer was going to another village for some work for long time.

He was worried about his sons. He knew that; if he is not around then they will keep on quarrelling with each other and there won’t be any productive work.

He thought to teach his sons a lesson. He called his sons, and gave them a stick. Then he asked his sons to break the stick. All of them broke the stick easily.

Then the farmer gave a bundle of sticks to each of his son, and asked them to break.

They tried to break the bundle, but in vain. None of them was able to break the bundle of sticks.

At last they said “Father; we are unable to break the bundle”.

Farmer said “Dear sons; you can break one stick very easily, but you can’t break a bundle of sticks”.

He further said “Nobody can harm you, if you all are together like a bundle of sticks. But people can harm you easily, if you are not united”.

So always remember “Unity is power”.

Farmer’s son realized their mistake and they promised their father, that no matter what kind of situation come, they will be united always.

Farmer was very happy to see the change in his sons.

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Activity :

Que1. what is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. Unity is strength.

Que2. Please select the correct option :

Farmer’s son were able to break the :

a. Bundle of sticks   b.  Single stick

Ans2. Single stick.


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