Pigeons and a crow


This is a story about a hungry crow; he was looking for some food to eat.

He saw, some pigeons; eating grains lying on the ground. He came down and started eating together with them.

When pigeons saw that crow is also eating grains with them, they discussed with other pigeon that this black bird is different. He should not eat together with us. And then they start attacking that crow with their beak.

Crow flew away hurriedly. At that time he saw some white colour powder in a big vessel. He quickly went there and rolled in the colour to make his wings white.

Crow thought; now I look like a pigeon, hope they will allow me to eat with them. And then he joined the pigeons group to eat.

This time pigeons discussed that; the bird looks like us, but he walks very differently and then they again attacked on the crow.

Crow flew away and starts practicing to walk like a pigeon. When he learned the skill, he went to the pigeons group to eat the grains again.

Now pigeons discussed that; the bird looks like us and walk like us, but the way he eat is different, and then they start attacking on the crow.

Crow flew away and starts practicing to eat like a pigeon.

After learning the skill, he again went to the pigeons group to eat the food.

This time, pigeons were unaware that the crow is eating with them. His colour was white and his walking style and eating style was exactly same like a pigeon.

Crow was very happy with his new fake identity, now he was getting enough food to eat.

One day when he was eating grains together with other pigeons, he saw a flock of crow; they were cawing and flying high in the sky. Crow was so happy to see other crows and he also started to caw with them.

When pigeons found out that their look-alike is actually a crow, they got very furious and they attacked the crow with their beaks.

The crow was badly hurt. He understood that we can change our outer appearance for our benefit and to please others, but we can’t hide our inner self for too long. So it’s always better to behave as you are.


Image source : Google

Activity :

Que1. Who rolled in the white colour powder to make his wings white ?

Ans1. Crow

Que2. what is the moral of this story ?

Ans2. Always behave as you are. Don’t try to copy others.

Que3. Who was acting like a pigeon ?

Ans3. Crow.



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