Thief and his mother


Once upon a time, a young man was caught in a disgusting act of theft and had been sentenced to jail for a very long time.

He asked the court if he can see and talk to her mother, before he is sent to jail. The court agreed for his request.

When his mother came to him, he said I want to whisper something to you.

And when his mother brought her ear near him, young man bit it with anger.

All the people in court were horrified. Judge asked the young man, “What could be reason of your inhuman act towards your mother?”

Young man said “It’s her punishment.” As a young child, I began stealing little things, and brought them home to show my Mother.

Instead of scolding and punishing me, she laughed and said, “It’s a small thing, it will not be noticed.”

Because of my mother, I am here today. She should stop me at that time.

So she is equally responsible for this crime.

Young man’s mother was in tear, she realised; how small mistakes take a bigger shape, later in life.

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