Two Trees

two trees.png

Once upon a time in a forest, two trees were talking to each other.

One tree said “Every day lots of animals come and rest under our shade. These animals make this place very dirty.” Another tree said “birds leave half eaten fruits on our branches “. Let’s teach them a lesson, they both discussed.

Next day when animals came to rest under the trees, the trees swayed violently. Animals got scared, and they all ran away. Birds also flew away in terror.

Now the place under those trees was clean and empty. Both the trees were very happy. Every day trees did use this trick to keep their place neat and clean.

One day some wood-cutters came and said, this place used to be full of animals once, but now there is none. Animals and birds don’t like this place anymore .So we can cut these trees and can use the woods to make furniture.

The trees were listening to wood-cutters talk, they were regretting for their behaviour. They had learnt the meaning of sharing.

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Que1. who was making the place dirty around the trees ?

Ans1. Animals and Birds.

Que2. What is the moral of this story?

Ans2. We should share our things and resources with others. We should be useful for others.

Que3. Fill in the blank .

Wood-cutters wanted to cut the trees to make ……..

a. Furniture      b. TV    c. Food

Ans3. Furniture.


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