The Blue Jackal


Once there lived a jackal in a forest. One day he was very hungry, he didn’t find food to eat. So he went to a nearby village in search of food.

When the dogs in the Village saw him, they started barking and chasing him. The frightened jackal entered a washer-man house to save himself from dogs. Inside the house, there was a big tub filled with blue ink. 

Accidentally, Jackal slipped into that tub. When he came out from that tub, his body color tuned to blue. Frightened jackal was unaware about this change. He slowly came out from washer-man’s house and started to run.

He noticed that all the dogs were running away in terror. When the other animals in the jungle saw him, they also run away in terror.

Jackal was very thirsty, he went to a river to drink some water. There he saw his reflection in the water, then he found out the reason; why all animals are scared of him.

He made a plan to fool other animals with his color.

He called all the animals in the forest and said “Hey animals, I am your new king, God has sent me to rule on you. From now onward, you will obey my orders.”

All the animals including lion and tiger agreed to Blue jackal, assuming him as a powerful animal and said “oh you powerful, different looking animal, we will follow your order, now you are our king “.

Blue Jackal was very happy with his color.

One day, blue jackal heard a pack of other jackal howling at a distance. Because of his nature, he also started howling. When the other animals heard his voice, they recognized that the blue animal is actually a normal jackal.

All the animals got very furious and started beating the blue jackal. Blue jackal realized that “we should not pretend to be what we are not

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Que1. Why did Jackal went to the village ?

Ans1. Jackal went to the village in search of food.

Que2. How did Jackal get blue color on his body?

Ans2. jackal slipped in to a blue color ink tub at washerman’s house.

Que3. What is the moral of this story ?

Ans3. We should not pretend to be what we are not.



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