Scorpion and a frog


Once upon a time there lived a scorpion in a dark cave near a valley.

One day he came out of his cave and thought to go around. He had to cross the river to go other side, he crawled up to the riverbank, but he was not able to cross the river.

He saw a frog leaping around. Hello “Mr Frog; would you help me to cross the river “, Asked the scorpion.

But you are a scorpion, you can sting me, I don’t trust you; frog replied.

I am not a bad scorpion, if I sting you, then I will also die, as i don’t know swimming, scorpion said.

Now frog agreed to carry scorpion on his back to the other side of the river. Scorpion hopped on to the frog’s back and they start.

The frog paddled his limbs through the water, but half way through, he felt a sharp sting in his back.

Oh scorpion, why did you sting me? Now both of us will die.

What can I do frog, it’s my nature, scorpion replied. The frog and scorpion drowned in the river.

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Activity :

Que1 Who agreed to help scorpion to cross the river ?

Ans1. Frog

Que2. Why did scorpion sting frog, even though frog was helping him ?

Ans2. Because its scorpion nature.


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