Tin-Tin a little Squirrel


Jivu is a little boy, he likes to help others.

One day he was returning from school. He saw a little squirrel lying under a tree. She was very tired.

He asked her, what happen little Squirrel? What’s your name?

Ah ah .. My name is Tin-Tin, where is my mumma daddy, and she got unconscious again.

Jivu looked around, but he didn’t see any other squirrel.

He thought for a while and then he kept Tin-Tin in his shirt pocket and walked towards his home.

At home his mother was waiting for him. She asked Jivu, what happen? You look so worried.  Jivu took out Tin-Tin from his pocket and told her mother that Tin-Tin is searching her parents.

His mother noticed that Tin-Tin was very hungry; she quickly brings some milk in a dropper and gave it to Tin-Tin.

After drinking milk, Tin-Tin became active. But still she was sad, she wanted her mumma daddy.

Tin-Tin said; I was getting bored at home, so I came out from my house without informing my parents. First I was happy playing outside, but then I was very hungry and I forgot my way to home. Aha aha aha …. She started sobbing.

Don’t worry Tin-Tin, It’s late evening now, tomorrow I will help to search your parents, Jivu said. Tin-Tin nodded her head happily.

Jivu had one shoe box; he filled it with some cotton and made a soft, cosy bed for Tin-Tin. Tin-Tin was very happy with Jivu. They both were chit chatting till late in the night.

Next day, Jivu and Tin-Tin woke up quite early. Jivu kept Tin-Tin in his shirt pocket and started to leave.

Jivu went to the same path from where he found Tin-Tin; he saw some squirrels near a tree. He went to them and asked; Do you know Tin-Tin house?

Tin-Tin parents were also there, searching for her. They said, Yes we are Tin-Tin parents, where is she?

Tin-Tin heard his parent’s voice and quickly came out from pocket and hurried to them. They all hugged each other.

Tin-Tin said sorry and promised not to leave alone anywhere without informing them.

Jivu was very happy to see Tin-Tin together with her parents and he also understands that ” Kids should never leave alone without informing their parents”.


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