Miya and her Nose :)


Miya is a little girl with glittery eyes and curly hair. She likes to dance and sing. But she has a very bad habit of picking her nose.

Her mother knows that if she is silent and not playing then it means she is picking her nose. Her parents asked her not to do that, but she can’t resist her hand.

One day she went to the park with her grandpa. Her best friend Jivu was also playing in the park. While her grandpa was chatting with his neighbours, Miya sat on the park bench and started picking her nose.

Jivu saw her picking her nose, he said now you will have a big tunnel in your nose, and even an elephant can pass through it.

Miya got scared and started crying. When her grandpa heard her cry, he went to ask her.

Why are you crying Miya? Is everything alright?

First Miya was hesitant to tell, but when her grandpa insist, she told him, what Jivu said “

Her grandpa consoles her. Then he showed her beautiful flowers in the playground, he said “Miya, we take breath and smell from our nose. If you keep on picking your nose, then you will miss the beautiful fragrance of these flowers.

He said our nose inhale pure air (oxygen) and exhale bad air (carbon di oxide). If your nose is not free then your mouth has to work and in that case you will have bad breath.

He further said; if you have stuffy nose then you can get help from your mumma or daddy.

Miya was carefully listening to her grandpa. She asked him “grandpa; would my nose become a tunnel now “. He smiled and said “No darling, but your nose may become big, so don’t take chances “.

Now Miya was determined to leave this habit of her. She wiped her tears and cleaned her hands. she was enjoying the fragrance of colourful flowers.

She runs towards Jivu to share what she just learnt about NOSE 🙂

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