Krishna and chickpeas

krishna 2.png

This is a story about Sri Krishna and his friend Sudama. They both were in a same gurukul** .Everyday students used to go the forest for collecting woods, for cooking and the religious ceremonies.

One day it was a cloudy day, Sudama and Krishna was going to get the woods from the forest. Their Guru** gave some fried chickpeas to Sudama in a packet and asked him to share equally with Krishna.

After collecting woods, Krishna and Sudama were returning from forest, but suddenly it starts raining.

They both climbed on the tree and thought to wait until the rain stopped. Sudama was sitting on the highest branch of the tree and Krishna on the lower branch. Soon Sudama became hungry and started to eat the chickpeas.

Krishna heard and said, “Oh, you are eating something alone.” Sudama said “No, I am not eating anything. My teeth are chattering due to cold.”

Slowly Sudama ate all the chick peas.

After some time, Krishna asked Sudama” what happen to the chick peas ? I am hungry.”

Sudama apologies and said that he ate them by himself.

Krishna reminded Sudama that one should never eat alone but must always share food. This kind of selfishness can be a down fall of ones way of life.

Later in life Sudama faced utter poverty.

** Gurukul : In ancient times , schools were called as Gurukul and Teacher as Guru.

Activity :

Que1. What is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. We should always share things. There is much more pleasure when we share things with others.

Que2. Who ate all the chickpeas ?

Ans2. Sudama


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