Lion and rabbit


Once upon a time, there was a cruel lion in a forest; he used to kill animals every day.

One day, all the animals asked him to stop killing the animals. The lion said “one of you has to come every day to be my meal. The day no one comes, then I will kill you all”.

Animals agreed to go lion’s den every day to satisfy his hunger.

One day it was rabbit turn, he was very clever. He roamed all the forest and reached the lion’s den in the evening. The lion was waiting for him; he was very hungry and angry too. He roared,” where have you been all day?”

The rabbit replied, “I was on my way, but another lion stopped me. “

The lion asked, “Where he is?”

The rabbit took the lion to a well and said “he is hiding in the well”.

The lion was very hungry when he saw his reflection; he thought it was another lion. He roared, his voice echoed back from the well. The lion got furious; he thought another lion is roaring on him. In his anger he jumped into the well.

All the animals praised rabbit for his cleverness.

 from : Panchatantra

  Activity :

Que 1. What is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. Cleverness can overcome a foe.

Que2. Who was cleaver , Lion or rabbit ?

Ans2. Rabbit was cleaver.

Que3. Why did the lion jumped into the well ?

Ans3 when lion saw his reflection , he thought its a another lion.


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