Lord Krishna and Kaliya the snake

This is a story about a small boy whose name was Krishna; he was living in Vrindavan with his parents.

Once he was playing ball with his friends near a river named Yamuna. While playing, their ball went to the river. Krishna was running after the ball. He immediately jumped into the river to get the ball.

A giant snake with five head named Kaliya , was living in that river. He had poisoned the water of the river with his venom. No birds or beast could go near that river.

When kaliya saw a boy in the river, he got furious and rushed to attack Krishna. But before the snake could attack him, Krishna quickly climbed on Kaliya’s head.

Krishna started jumping and stomping on Kaliya’s head and the kaliya started vomiting poison.

 Kaliya was very strong, but he was unable to catch small Krishna. And Krishna was continuously dancing on kaliya’s head.  

Ultimately Kaliya begged Krishna for forgiveness and Krishna ordered the snake to leave the Yamuna River.

Kaliya bowed his head and quietly left, and the people of Vrindavan rejoiced.


Activity :

Que1. What is the moral of this story ?

Ans1. Good always wins over the evil.

Que2. What was the name of river in which Kaliya snake lived ?

Ans2. Yamuna River.

Please fill in the blank :

Que3 . Kaliya had made the river water …..

a. Poisonous ,  b. Fresh

Ans3. (a) Poisonous


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