Donkey in a Tiger’s Skin


Once there lived a shrewd washer man, he had one donkey to help him carrying the clothes. Donkey was very weak because washer man was not giving enough food to eat.

One day washer man found one tiger’s skin while wandering in a forest. He planned to fool the village people.

He covered his donkey with the tiger’s skin and left him in the villager’s farm to eat the crop. Villagers were frightened, believing that donkey as a tiger.

From then onwards, every day washer man would cover his donkey with the tiger’s skin and let him graze in the villager’s farm.

One day, when washer man came to leave donkey at farmer’s field, the farmer’s dog started barking. Donkey got scared, and he started braying in return.

The farmers, who were watching him from inside for fear of the tiger, heard this and realized that it was a donkey and not a tiger. They also realized the washer man trick.

They chased the donkey and washer man with sticks, and thrashed them.

The washer man was regretting for his mistake.

 from : Panchatantra

  Activity :

Que. What is the moral of this story?

Ans1. Never try to fool others , and never pretend to be what you are not.

Please fill the blank :

Que2. Washer man covered the donkey with …… skin .

a. Tiger , b. Lion , c. Pig,  d. Deer.

Ans2. (a) tiger.


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