What is Christmas , Mumma ?

christmas2Nikki was going to market together with her mother. Everywhere it was bright and colourful.

She was very happy to see all the decorations.

She saw a giant tree in the mall with lots of colourful balls and gifts.

She asked her mother why this tree is decorated here.

Her mother said it’s a Christmas tree it’s also known as Yule-tree.

Every year people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas.

Nikki asked who is Jesus Christ, mumma.

Her mother was delighted with Nikki curiosity; she said Jesus was born nearly 2000 years ago. She further said, “Jesus is the son of God and saviour of the world, who came to earth because God loves us so much.”

She said Christmas is the time when homes and malls are decorated with all kind of decorations; it’s a festival of joy and giving.

Suddenly they heard some song. She asked, what is this song mumma? Christmas carol, Christians sings festive songs at Christmas time; these songs are called Carols, she replied.

After walking so much Nikki got tired; so her mother took her to nearby ice-cream shop, there Nikki ordered her favourite vanilla pink colour ice-cream.

She was eagerly waiting for her ice-cream .Her mouth watered when she saw a big cone with two pink vanilla scoops in her plate.

But as she was about to take a bite she saw a poor girl looking at her from outside the ice cream shop. Her clothes were dirty and she was looking pale and hungry.

Nikki remembered her mother told her that Christmas is the festival of giving. So she gave her ice cream to the poor girl.

Her mother was surprised to see Nikki’s kindness. Nikki was also very happy as she understood the meaning of Christmas 🙂 🙂


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