The Bear & Two Friends

Once upon a time, there were two friends Tom and Ron, they were living in a village. One day they decided to visit a nearby city so they were passing through the forest. The Forest was very dark and there were lots of wild animals.

Tom & Rom promised to help each other in case any danger.

Suddenly they saw a big bear was approaching them, they both got frightened. At that time, Ron climbed on a tall tree and hide there.

Tom didn’t know climbing, but he knew that bear never eat dead bodies. So he lay down on the ground breathless and pretends like a dead man.

When then bear came, he smelled him and thought it’s a dead body. He whispered something on his ear and went back.

Ron came down and asked Tom, what that bear whispered in your ear?

Tom replied “Never trust a friend ,who leaves you in time of danger “and he went on this way.


Activity :

Que1. Where Tom & Ron were going ?

Ans1. They were going to visit a nearby city.

Que2. Out of two friends , who doesn’t know climbing ?

Ans2. Tom doesn’t know climbing.

Que3. What did bear whispered in Tom’s ear ?

Ans3. Never trust a false friend.


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