Lion and a mouse

It was hot sunny afternoon. A lion was sleeping under the shade of a big tree outside his den.

A tiny mouse was also playing near that tree. In his play he didn’t notice that he was actually running over lion’s body, He was jumping on his stomach, and sliding on this nose.

The lion woke up angrily and hold that mouse from his paws. He shouted “you little creature, How dare you to jump on me? You don’t know what can I do to you?”

Little mouse folded his hand and pleaded for his life. “Oh your majesty, please forgive me, I promise to be of use to you one day “the mouse cried.

Lion laughed “you tiny creature, what are you saying? How can you be useful to me? Haven’t you notice the difference between you and me? I can crush you right now.”

But this time I am leaving you, but don’t dare to disturb me again. The mouse quickly ran away.

After some days, Lion was caught in a net spread by a hunter. It roared and tried to escape but in vain.

The mouse heard the lion’s roar and quickly rushed to help. He starts gnawing at the ropes with his sharp teeth. Very soon the tiny mouse had set the lion free.

Lion thanked the mouse and they both become friends.

from : Panchtantra

 Activity :

Que1. Who was sleeping under the tree ?

Ans1. Lion.

Que2. Who was jumping on the lion ?

Ans2. Mouse.

Que3. Who set the lion free from the hunter’s net ?

Ans3. Mouse.

Qu4. What we learn from this story ?

Ans4. Never under-estimate anyone. Even a tiny mouse can be useful for a lion sometimes.


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