Beware of flatterers.

Once there was a shrewd fox. She was very hungry so she was looking for some food to eat.

At that time, she saw a crow sitting on a tree, holding a piece of cheese in his beak.

Her mouth watered and she wanted to have that piece of cheese.

She made a plan and started praising the crow for his beautiful feathers. She said “oh you beautiful bird, I wonder if your voice is as sweet and lovely as your beautiful feathers. Can you sing a song for me? “.

The crow was flattered by all her talk and he opened his beak to sing a song.

“Caw ! Caw !…. “He sang, and the cheese dropped on the ground. The fox quickly took it away and ate it.

By the time, crow would understand her plan, it was too late.

from : Panchtantra

Activity :

Que1. Who was shrewd , Fox or crow ?

Ans1. Fox.

Que2. Who was holding a cheese ?

Ans2. Crow was holding a cheese in his beak.

Que3. What we learn from this story?

Anse. We should be beware of flatterers.


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